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Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations to many different people in europe. Spain is around 194,897 square miles in size making it one of the largest countries in europe.

Spain is the third most popular destination in the world. Through the winter you can choose from many different ski resorts and of course in the summer you can spend you days on the beach.

As one of the largest tourist destinations for Europe Spain does have a lot more to offer than beaches, night life and sun. With the help of our site we will hopefully help you find attractions, resorts and hotels which will best suit you and make your stay in Spain a even better one.

What can Travelling in Spain offer you?

Weather in spain – The weather in Spain is normally warm, blue skys and sunny, but the weather can vary when it comes to winter, why not check the weather in Spain and the forecast for this week.

Spain Information – Information on the population of spain, climate and the different Islands Spain controls. We will hopefully explain to you why Spain is the most popular tourist destination in Europe.

Spanish Cities – Spain has many different cities for you to choose from for a visit, why not read about each other them here?

Resorts in Spain – Planning on stopping at one of the popular tourist destinations in Spain, why not read about them before you decide?