What will casinos offer a few years from now?

What really keeps me interested in casino gaming is not just the fact that playing games for money is fun – I already know that, and besides, it gets boring after a while if you just stay on the same games and so forth. No, what really keeps me interested is the fact that it seems to be an industry which is developing faster than most other industries. Game developers in the online gambling industry seem to be racing furiously with each other, competing over who can come up with the most exciting and innovative gaming solutions for the gamers in the world. In recent years, loads of new additions have been added to casinos on the internet, such as live casino gaming, new slot machines, new kinds of games, new bonus systems. In this post I wanted to go over some of the things that I think will be incorporated in the gambling industry in the near future.

Slot machines

Slot machines are probably the one game that developers are focusing on right now, and with leading developers such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming constantly pushing the boundaries, we can be sure that we are in for exciting times. My guess here would be that themed slot machines will become bigger and bigger. One trend we have started seeing in the recent years is that game developers in cooperation with movie production companies create slot machines based on popular movies, TV-series and cartoons. Examples of this would be NetEnt’s Scarface slot and the more recent Aliens slot, as well as Cryptologic’s Marvel-slots, based on the classic Marvel comic book heroes. I think this is definitely an area which is going to continue developing.

Bonuses, promotions and offerings

More and more casinos are starting to realize how vital it is to have an attractive starting offer for their new visitors. On today’s casino market, it is not very likely that players are going to care much about a casino that does not have a competitive starting offer. The trend I see here is that more and more casinos are adding on freespins to their standard bonus offerings – which is great for us players. Instead of just receiving for example a 100% bonus, you will get an additional number of freespins on a selected slot machine on top of that. Some casinos are even offering freespins with no deposit requirement, which is a great way of getting new players. For as long as the casino market is going to be as competitive it is at the moment, the more casinos are going to be forced to up their bonuses.

Casino websites

We see a trend now that the old, dominating casinos from five or six years ago, are forced to give way to a wave of new fresh casinos. In this day and age, a new casino seems to be launched almost every week, and some of these new casinos are just very innovative, making it hard for the older casinos to keep level with them. This inflation also means however, that a new casino only stays new for a year or two, before it’s going to be replaced by something that players find even more exciting. One good way of keeping track of all the new casinos that enter the scene is to use websites like casinoonline.re. Today, it’s much more common that casino players jump from site to site in order to find new, bigger bonuses as well as more exciting casino websites. For us players, this is great, but for a new casino this means that it can be really hard to establish themselves on the market.

4 answers for the casino newbie

In this article I would like to help people that are completely new to online gambling by providing the answers to some of the questions that I wish I had known the answer to when I was first starting out. Hopefully, this can save you a little bit of time and leave you a little less confused than you were before. In general, casino gaming isn’t as complicated as you would think – everything will quickly fall in to place when you start playing properly. So, here are, in my own opinion, the four most common questions about casino gaming amongst beginners.

What is an online casino?

Everybody pretty much knows what casino games are. We have all seen them, either in real life or in movies, or we’ve read about them or seen pictures of them. Well, an online casino is basically a website on the internet which allows real people to play casino games in a virtual environment, with real money and real winnings. Now of course, the games aren’t played the same way they would have been in a real casino. There are no actual cards or roulette wheels in the online casino world- Everything is done via a Random Number Generator, which ensures that the casino is not manipulating the outcome of the games. Players are at the same time shown animations in the virtual environment, which makes the game feel like real casino games. Basically, online casino gaming is an alternative to real casino gaming, accessible to anyone with a laptop and an internet connection.

Where should I start?

Online casino gaming is a huge industry, and there are several thousand websites which offer casino games that you can take part in. However, it’s better to spend some time finding a place that suits you, rather than just starting to play at the first site you find. Basically, there aretwo types of online casinos. The first type is the downloadable casino. This means that you have to download software and install it on your computer in order to be able to play. These casinos often have the best graphics. The other form is browser based gaming. By using technology like Flash, most casinos today offer all their games straight in your computer’s browser, meaning you won’t have to spend any time downloading and installing anything. Browser based casino games are the most popular today.

Will the casino try to scam me?

The short answer to this is that it is very, very unlikely – As long as you play at a casino which have a gaming license. The thing is that today there are so many casinos competing over their customers, that if a customer feels like he’s losing too much at a particular casino, he can simply change to another casino within a minute. Therefore, casinos are more likely to compete in who can be the most fair casino, rather than the other way around.

What games should I play?

This is rather hard to answer as everyone has their own personal favorite, but generally I would recommend you start off by playing slot machines. They are extremely easy to understand, and at the same time one of the most entertaining game forms. After you feel comfortable at the slot machines – try other games and see if you can find your own favorites among them! A good idea is to play in practice mode when you first start playing a game. This means that you will not bet real money on the game, meaning you won’t lose any money until you’ve properly learnt the game.